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Creature of change.

I am so incredibly behind in updating this thing.  Ugh!

Remember that list I had, in the last entry, of things I wanted to write about and update you on?  Yeah.  That may not actually happen.  I'm sorry!  But know this - everything on that list was something that has impacted my time here in a wonderful and beautiful way.  I have so many memories from this place and my time here, and I love it.  I'm so grateful to God!

Here's something, though.  I think it's time to change switch around this blog thing.  I've used this site for a good two years now, and I'm up for a change.  It's really not that big of a deal, but I want to start putting my thoughts down in a different place.  I'm a creature of change and I need a new start.

And I'd like you to come along with me.

All of that to say - I'm going to start writing in a new place.  This old blog will still exist for a while, but within a month or two, I'm probably going to delete it.  (I only feel okay about doing this because my wonderful family has printed out pretty much everything I've ever written on here.  Yay for memories!)

So the next time you're curious about what's going on in my crazy head, please go to

and you can find me there.  You can see pictures and still comment, and I would love to see you there.




I have so, so much that I want to write about!

Camp Genesis.
Volunteering at the hospital.
The killer migraine I just had.
The Lakeview Girls' Outing today.
Fourth of July/where I was a year ago.
How I saw a glimpse of God's character while getting a head massage.
My future plan thingies.

But...I don't really have much time to write right now.  And I want to have plenty of time and space to write about these things, because these are great and beautiful and precious things to me.  They are my "recently past current" (or just plain current) events, things that I am gleaning bits of wisdom from - and I'd like to share some of those bits one day.

But that day is not today.
It will, however, be soon.
So - I'll be right back!  :)



"And I just loved you."

I'm watching "Sweet Home Alabama."  I haven't seen this movie in ages.
It's pretty good.  Like most movies today, it has some things in it that are totally unnecessary to the plot that could be taken out and that would make the movie a little cleaner - but other than that, it's pretty good.  Watching it again brings back all the memories of when I watched it the first time, and that's the longest story of my life.

Okay, maybe not THE longest, but a pretty long one anyway.

I took today off, even though it's Friday.  I didn't really get a day off this week since I had volunteer orientation at the hospital Monday and Tuesday morning, and Wednesday afternoon, and I feel like I've been on the run for a good amount of time now.  I needed a day where I could say, "Alright.  What do I want to do now?"  And after I do that, I can do the next thing that I want to do.  No plans.  No expectations.  Just...open.  Put some gas in the car and just do whatever.

That might be selfish, but I haven't gotten to do it for a while, and I won't get to do it for another while, so today was the day.  I cleaned some, drove out to Dale (woo!  Mini road trip.  I loved it), went to Starbucks and read my book (Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy), went to Walmart and got some new flip-flops (the last two pair I've bought have been the wrong size) and some new earrings (studs - I can't wear dangly ones when I volunteer at the hospital), and then came home and had lunch and started watching the movie.

Who else knows what will happen today.  Maybe I'll write some more later.  :)



For tomorrow.

Oh, today was a day.

You might think, "Well of course today was a day.  A day is a twenty-four hour time period in which one has time to both be awake and asleep, to be productive and to rest, to make hundreds and hundreds of choices that may or may not have a lasting effect.  So of course today was a day."
And you'd be right in thinking that.  Today, in many ways, was a typical day.  Twenty-four hours, being awake and asleep, producing and resting, and choice upon choice.

But what I mean when I say that today was a day is that today was one of THOSE days.

You know the ones.

The ones that just start off on the wrong side of the metaphorical bed?
The ones that find you being late and you can't figure out why?
The ones where you spill milk, the worst substance to spill because not only does it make a mess, but it soaks in and rots?
The ones where not only do you spill that milk, but you spill it on your bed?
The ones where you lay down to take that nap, but you just can't get to sleep?

Yeah.  It was one of those.

But you know, there were good parts too.  Thank God, seriously, for the good, beautiful, small, little, seemingly unimportant wonderful things that bump into you when you're having one of those days.

I am ready for tomorrow though.


Grown-Up Update, Or Something.

Dear World,
I would just like you to know that I just killed a spider.
I know, I know, it's not that big of a deal.  It's just a spider.  I'm sure it wasn't even deadly, and it didn't even show signs of hostility towards me (or Fish Vera Wang), but I am just not okay with that thing crawling around my apartment!  Next thing you know, I'll wake up with it on my face.
So clearly not okay.
I would just like to document this moment - I, Tara, have killed my first ever spider.
And I did it.  Alone.  And out of my very own will power.
But just for posterity's sake, I should mention that I called my dad while I did it, so that I could have a witness, and for some encouragement.  (I know it's dumb, but what if that thing had LEAPT?!)  Also, I may - just may - have squealed just a little bit when I went in for the kill.
But none of that matters, World.  The point is that I did it!  I'm starting to be a real-life grown up!
...or something like that.
More grown-up updates to come.


Love love. Love,

The wedding was beautiful.  It was amazing.  It was fun, spunky, energetic, and tender too.
I loved it!
I hope that one day, iffin' I get married ever (emphasis on the ever), that mine is similar to how Shane and Lauren's was.
Love weddings.
Love love.